Monday, 17 September 2012

New song : D'code - Omoge jo da da

After paying his tribute to the greatest Yoruba rapper ever on earth, Late Dagrin, D’code believes that there is still a vacuum in Yoruba rap game which is yet to be filled by acclaimed Yoruba rappers like Olamide, Reminisce etc . With this feeling in mind, D’code released his debut single titled Shamuke which received massive acceptance. Several months after D’code has decided to put out a fantastic single titled “Be mine” and a freestyle titled “Omoge Jo da da “ to proof his point as a growing legend in Yoruba rap game.

“Be mine” is a love story which tells more about how a guy could be so in love with a girl and had to promise her his whole world. He featured Benczy on it
The second song is a freestyle titled “Omoge Jo da da “. This is a hard-nut for the street and it is rhymed on the popular Azonto beat.

With strong rhymes, composition and Yoruba lyrics, D’code is ready to take over Yoruba rap game and he is also ready to give Olamide and Reminisce a run for their Talent.
D’code – Omoge Jo da da (Freestyle)

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