Tuesday, 13 December 2011

DYNAMIX ALL YOUTH AWARDS....is here again..

Dynamix All Youth Awards 2011, another one of a rare night where over
5,000 Nigerian Youths will meet and celebrate the youthfulness in living
with recognition of those that have made extraordinary effort to make a
difference in the Youth Society home and Abroad.

Taking a flash back on past Dynamix All Youth Awards from the preparations
to the final delivery, the preparations usually start right about July and
it goes beyond doubt that the Almighty has always given abundant blessings
after numerous trips across Nigeria and touring schools to ensure adequate
awareness was always created.

Dynamix All Youth Award ceremony has always been a glamorous event, from
the red carpet reception, the cocktail and the award presentation which
has always witnessed a dazzling array of Nigeria's celebrities.

The event has always had good representation of people from all spheres of
life and from records there was always an overwhelming support from
artistes, home and abroad.

Now, as all youths brace up for what promises to be a grandiose event in
December 2011, there is the need for all Corporate Organizations,
Multi-Nationals, philanthropists and also the Government to be part of the
re-shaping of the future of the Nigerian youths.

The fact that the Youths are the leaders of tomorrow in this our great
nation, then there is need to encourage the average youth in other to
further harness his potential, hence, support DYNAMIX ALL YOUTH AWARDS!

for details on Nominees
and event visit www.dynamixawards.com

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